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Mailing Address -  P.O. Box 235 – Tallevast, Fl.  34270 - Tel. No : 941-365-8904

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"As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another." - Proverbs 27:17

Find your purpose with the Lord

The basic responsibility of men is the same as for all participating in the church - to join in the act of worship as fully as possible. Join us in singing, listening attentively, and responding to the ministers. This will encourage you and others to participate as well and bring the light of God into your heart and the hearts of others.

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There is no such thing as a perfect person. No perfect people are allowed in the house of God, only those who realize they are not perfect shall enter.

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The primary focus of the Men's Ministry at Trinity Christian Fellowship Center, Inc. is the development of Christ-likeness in the men of our church through fellowship, worship, and leadership. We trust that as men grow in an understanding of what the Bible says about their roles in the family, the workplace and the community, they will become men of integrity. Trinity Christian Fellowship Center, Inc. wants to develop men who will be leaders in the home and at work on all levels: spiritual, moral, social, emotional, recreational, intellectual, and physical.

Other ministry programs

Not only do we offer men's ministry, but we also offer a youth ministry group and a women's ministry group. Get involved with Trinity Christian Fellowship Center, Inc. TODAY!

About Men of Purpose

Prison ministry is available

The primary mission of the Prison Ministry is to offer spiritual growth ministry to those who are imprisoned anywhere in the United States and abroad.  This is provided to the inmates through personal correspondence, printed spiritual growth lessons (where allowed), and personal visits to share the Word of God.  


The goal is to demonstrate how the gospel teachings can help a person live a more abundant life, filled with love, peace, joy, hope, and purpose, ultimately, surrendering their lives to Christ.

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Minister Luis Mari, Jr.

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